Mary Plaster
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Cosmic Story Bracelet
Cosmic Story Bracelets
My designs of the unfolding New Cosmology can be used as a wrist rosary for centering prayer. Lovely pieces of jewelry with real meaning for our times!

Note: Many are inspired to make their own versions of this evolutionary story. Please honor my work by pushing your personal muse to a new, original creation, or do credit me for this one. I worked long and hard to develop these designs. Thanks so much!

Our Universe 

Fifteen beads tell the Great Story of our 
(fourteen billion years of evolution plus the Mystery) represented in various materials: 8mm semi-precious stones, glass, shell, bone, seed, wood and metal separated by black glass seed beads with a toggle clasp. 

Our Solar System
Nine Planets in order, including Pluto, represented by semi-precious stone beads in very approximate relative scale!

 Black glass seed bead spacers- with a toggle clasp. 

Solar System Bracelet