Mary Plaster
Sophia, Divine Wisdom
Contemporary Icon GiClee Print
Available as 4x5($20), 8x10 ($40) and 13x18($80)
Original is 13" X 18"
Gouache and gold leaf on sculpted board
© 2003 Mary Plaster

Icon writing is commonly a tradition of faithfully copying canonical religious images. Sophia was my first original vision, conceived from historical research into Russian Byzantinium and subsequent re-imagining, using my daughter's face as inspiration. 

I depicted Lady Wisdom seated in the context of the entire Cosmos, beckoning us to inclusive and sustainable decision-making that gently cooperates with global community. Ageless, androgynous, indigenous and totally unconcerned with material wealth and hierarchy, She insists on a new way of thinking that can potentially turn the world as we know it upside down. 

After writing this icon, I realized that "Dark Mother" is common to many spiritual traditions that pre-date Christianity and continues to resurface in addition to the worldwide "Black Madonna" phenomenon. This image of the Divine Feminine continues to resonate for me, throughout ecological disasters and now the historical election of our president. She has opened doors and connections for me resulting in travels around the globe. May Sophia bless you as well!
8 x 10 GiClee Print
13 x 18 GiClee Print